Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pool Day!

In his dollar store float...amazing how much fun a dollar can buy!


Grinning in her sassy suit:)

"Pool days make me sleepy."

Nap Time


Friday, July 24, 2009

7 weeks!

Little Emmy is growing so fast! I had almost forgotten how much babies change in those first months! She is really starting to fill out now- especially in her face:) We are still having so much fun with her, but definitely see the difference (looks and personality) in her and Cade. Her hair and eyes are both lighter then his ever were (a blue eyed girl, maybe?). She is awake a lot during the day now, and has started giving us sweet little smiles. Her favorite person to smile at, though, is herself in the mirror- ha! Such a girl! Last weekend, she took her first road trip to Kingston to visit Nana and Pa's house. She did great and we all were glad to be there for a much needed visit. Nana was even brave enough to keep both Emmy and Cade while Heath and I went to a wedding in Knoxville. Thanks Nana!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boys' Night Out!

Last night, Heath, Rick and Cade went to see the Nashville Sounds play baseball. Heath said that Cade absolutely loved it, and I know he did because he has been talking about the "baseball man" all morning. He told me that the next time he goes he wants to run around on the field:)

Pap, Daddy and Cade

Best way to finish ALL of the ice cream

Apparently, Cade did not like the lion mascot and hid from him in Pap's lap

He got to high five one of the players...

As for little Miss Emmy, she continues to grow like a weed! We went for her one month check up today, and she weighed in at 9 lbs. even now. This picture is from Sunday morning when we took her to church for the first time (and when she was one month old exactly). Her precious dress was made by the super talented Pam:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4 weeks and Fun with Pa

Emmy is officially four weeks old as of yesterday! Now I believe what everyone said about time going even faser with your second baby. These last four weeks have been busy with two, but we have had such a good time getting to know Emmy and see her little personality starting to come out.

Sweet Girl

Heath knew that this last week would be really busy with his work, so we had a very fun visitor come to stay: my dad! Cade was so, so happy to have"Pa"at his house, and the two of them played and played outside everyday in the gorgeous weather we have been having. The four of us also made visits to the park, grocery store and outlet mall (right now, we still need man to man defense to take the two of them out:) We loved having him here, and already miss him!
I know that Cade's golf game is especially good right now from all of the golf matches the two of them played in the backyard. Thanks Dad, come back soon!

"Follow me, Pa!"