Saturday, April 30, 2011


Soccer season is in full swing and has been SO MUCH FUN! Cade has really loved playing, and with every game and practice, he shows more and more improvement. He scored four goals at today's game! And yes, I am that crazy mom that screams the whole game whether we are on offense or defense. Don't you judge me:) I am just so proud and get so excited! The pictures below are from his very first real game:

Go Cade Go!

This is Cade's best soccer buddy, Escher. He will most likely be in the World Cup one day. He is already an amazing soccer player. At the ripe age of four:)

Emmy just comes for the snacks- ha!

After game hand shake

Team Huddle. Cade's favorite part.

Go Wild Thangs!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Zoo!

We got our zoo membership this year, so Pam and I took the kids a couple of Fridays ago. This is the first time Emmy has been, and the first time Cade has been in a while. They both LOVED it. We packed our lunches and ended up staying almost four hours! We were all worn out, but had a great time- I forsee many zoo trips this year!

Looking for the elephants


Cade's interpretation of a flamingo:)

Cade was our tour guide and kept his zoo map handy!

This meerkat liked looking at Cade and Pam as much as they liked looking at him!

Little meerkat


Elephants (or efants as Emmy says)

Miss Sassypants

The Jungle Gym- a big hit!

All worn out!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Holy 4th Birthday, Batman!

*WARNING: Picture overload!*

We celebrated Cade's 4th Birthday on March 19 (his actual birthday is 3/23, and yes, I am behind on my blogs again!) It was a GORGEOUS spring day- the weather was perfect! For some reason, Cade has recently become obsessed with all things Batman, so the theme for his party was a no brainer. He is at such a fun age, where he really enjoys all of his friends, so he was super excited about his party and having everyone come over.

How awesome is this cake? My super talented friend, Elisabeth made if for me! Some of the food and decor
I rented this slide from Crazy Clyde's Slides in Lebanon. They were so nice, affordable and easy to work with. This was a HUGE hit. They delivered the slide early in the day, and Cade went down it about 500 times before the party even started:)
Even Aunt Debi took a turn:)
Cade and his best friend in the whole world, Ellen
Birhtday Boy!
Princess E had so much fun, too!
Cake time
Blue icing- ha!
Cade and his harem opening gifts
Reagan and Sophie
Elea Rhea
Wendy at 39 weeks, 6 days pregnant. I got The Call at 6 a.m. the following morning. Our sweet Brantley was born within 24 hours of this picture!

This is when the slide got wild- they all wanted to go down together!

This is out of focus, but I love it because it shows how much fun they were having!