Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

To say that these two kids had a fun Halloween would be an understatement! They were sooooo excited about everything going on. And both of them were obsessed with the costumes they picked out! We were dressed and ready long before it was time to trick or treat- ha! Last year, Cade was sick, so we all stayed home and handed out candy. But we more than made up for it this year. Heath hooked the trailer up to our car, added some hay bales and lights, and voila! It was a Halloween Hayride:) A lot of people in our neighborhood do this, and it is definitely more fun than walking. Cade would get off and run from house to house as fast as he could. Emmy "got it" too, and loved going to everyone's front doors. Sometimes she would say "twick or tweat" and sometimes she would say "give me some tweats, pwease!" I think it is safe to say that good times and sugar overloads were had by all!
The Princess of the Thorne house;)

Luke Skywalker- Cade is VERY into Star Wars right now. He especially loves the original movies.

Blue eyed girl...a.k.a. mini Heath

Apparently, you have to be very serious to be Luke Skywalker!

Ready for some candy!!!