Friday, May 6, 2011


Easter weekend did not go exactly as planned....but what ever does with two kids?:) We actually did have a great weekend, until Saturday night when sweet Emmy girl started running a super high fever (she rarely gets sick anymore, and the poor thing was pitiful!) Needless to say, we did not all get to go to church on Easter Sunday:( The weather was amazing all weekend, and we did get to have some fun Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we all loaded up and went to see our sweet baby Brantley. Then on Saturday, Cade had a soccer game, and we went to have Easter dinner and an egg hunt at Grandma Thorne's house. Cade and Emmy had a great time. These kids LOVE a good Easter egg hunt. Especially Emmy. She just carries that baskey around saying "mo' eggs!" It is hilarious! We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate Easter and the fact that Jesus has risen! Cade was very into that this year, and we read the story of Jesus' death and resurrection in his children's storybook bible. It is so amazing to see his little mind process things like this and see how amazed he is by God's word. It truly makes me appreciate it more!


Hunting eggs is serious business!

Go Emmy Go!

I love that ruffle bottom!

He is getting so big!

This is what happens alot now when you try to take Cade's picture...

He and I went to church, because for some reason, Emmy only wanted her Daddy- I think she has caught on to the fact that she is his little princess:).

I am sad that only half of the family got to go to church, but glad that Emmy was over her virus in just a few days!