Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have always heard that your second pregnancy flies by (chasing a toddler around distracts you maybe?:), but I think it really hit me at my monthly doctor's appointment today. She said to come back in only three weeks for my glucose test, then down to every TWO weeks already. It seems like with Cade when I got down to the two week appointments it was no time before he was here...I guess I need to get busy on Baby Girl's nursery!
On another note, both the doctor and nurse commented on what a mover and shaker she is. It took a minute to get her still enough to get a heartbeat count (145 bpm) because of all the kicks and flips she kept doing! Future cheerleader or gymnast maybe?


Monday, February 23, 2009

Winterfest 2009

Heath and I just got back yesterday from Gatlinburg. As many of you know, Heath has taught Sunday School in the youth department at our church for over six years now. For the last few years, we have been brave volunteers to go chaperone the annual youth retreat in Gatlinburg (I mean who doesn't want to spend a weekend with 13,000 teenagers?:)
Actually, we have a really good group of teens at our church, and rarely have any problems (well, other than the fact that they think it is fun to stay up half the night just because they can- ha!) We had a great time, as usual, but were glad to get home and get some rest last night!
As for Mr. Cade, he stayed the weekend with the Thornes. I know that he had fun because instead of running to great me and Heath, when we went to pick him up, he yelled "NO!" I am sure he missed us, though;) It will probably take all week to de-program him from all the fun he had with Rick and Pam...thanks you two for keeping him and making sure he had such a good time!!!

Group shot of the kids
It snowed on Sunday!

Senior girls- the first group I traveled with a few years ago! Me, Camille, Megan, Rachel and Lillian

Lipscomb Bison

Some of Heath's 9th graders from class


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cade had his first official Valentine's Day party at Mother's Day Out yesterday. For his Valentine exchange, I decided to make some cookies (toddler friendly, of course- no nuts or milk!). I was inspired by a recipe that my friend Stephanie used to make some cookies for a baby shower. They reminded me of something you would get from the Cookie Bouquet, complete with shiny, hard icing (which makes for easy transport!). Cade wasn't really into the cookie making, so I used him as my quality assurance department:). I thought they turned out really well, although next time, I am going to get some better decorating tools so I can add some piping. Cade had a great time at his party, and brought home a bag full of treats and a heart shaped balloon.
I think for actual Valentine's Day, we are going to just hang out at home and get some stuff done. I have ingredients to make some of our favorite recipes...I guess I need to enjoy my last year of being the only princess in the house! I hope everyone has a great holiday filled with lots of love!

Cooling the cookies
Letting the icing set

All bagged up and ready to go

Cade's "big truck" Valentine's cards that Pam found for him- so cute!

Testing the finished product...

...and one more bite just to make sure !

When I picked Cade up from school, he was standing there ready to go with his balloon in hand. It was all I could do to get him to let go long enough to buckle him in. He was so happy about his new balloon- you would think he won the lottery! You will notice that he is at home and still holding the balloon. I had to hide it last night to get him in bed.

Also, Happy Birthday to one of my oldest, dearest friends, Kaybe Slaven!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ready for Church!

I swear that Cade and I are both getting bigger by the day!:)

"My Birthday is next month!"

Almost 23 weeks...17 more to go (or less if she is like Cade!)


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big Boy Bed!

I have been wanting to post this for a week, but Cade has been sick (again- early pneumonia this time- hurry up Spring!). My project for the winter was to get Cade moved into his new room and big boy bed. Yes, we will need the crib for Baby Girl, but more than that, Cade truly HATED his crib. He is a big time mover in his sleep, and would wake himself up every hour or so wanting to come to "Mommy's bed." Needless to say, this was exhausting for us all, and I was hoping that if he had his own, cool big bed that he may be more comfy. Instead of buying another bed, we just let him use our old bedroom set. We are halfway through the second week, and so far the transition has been pretty smooth. The first night, he slept until 5:30 without waking himself up (huge deal for him). We made a really big deal beforehand about his new big boy room and his "big truck bed," as he calls it- and he looooves big trucks. Now, he actually asks to go to bed instead of wanting to be rocked (another one of my goals with another baby coming). He likes to listen to music while he goes to sleep and does need Mommy or Daddy to lay with him. But the best thing is that if he wakes during the night, he may want one of us to come lay with him for a minute, but he does not ask to come to our room (YES!). The only major obstacle we have had so far is that he got really sick a few days after the transition, so we did have a few rough nights, but all in all, it has been good. I can't believe how big our little guy is getting! Next project: "Pinking" out the nursery!

"I love my new room!"
"Big Truck Bed!"

New room- there is actually another rail that lifts up on the other side as well.

A gift I got at one of his baby showers that matches perfectly- thanks Cyndy Wade!

Poster I found from the "Cowboy Show" that Heath's fraternity did in college. The picture was actually taken at the Thorne farm, and Heath is on the horse in the middle. It doesn't necessarily go with our truck motif, but I thought it was cool, and Cade loves it!

PBK Chair and his duck dog!

Wall art from Carrie at Ella Minnow Pea (so cute!), and repainted letters from his nursery

From Nana and Pa- also found at Ella Minnow Pea- for his school projects.