Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fun with bubbles!

Cade loves to take bubble baths in our "big bathtub." The jets really churn up a lot of Elmo Bubble Bath!
"Ho ho ho!"
Abominable snowman:)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas festivities and 6 months old

Emmy had her half birthday on my (gulp) 29th birthday, December 5! She has had a couple of big milestones this month (besides for her first major sickness). She now has one bottom tooth, and I expect the second one to come in any time. She is also sitting up like a champ. That is all she wants to do! I just sit her up and surround her with toys she can grab or let her watch Cade and she is happy as a clam.
We had our first Santa experience of the year. The country club we go to has a "Cookies with Santa" day every year. It is nice because you never have to wait too long. Cade was a little nervous about Santa, but when he saw Emmy sitting on his lap, I guess he felt pressured to do the same;) After our picture this year, we decided to stay and eat lunch. By the time we were done, pictures were over and Santa was gone. We got almost to our car when Heath and I spotted Santa getting into his car. We tried to block Cade's view in order to avoid the questions that we knew would ensue...but it was too late. Cade froze in the middle of the parking lot and yelled "Daddy, Santa drives a red pickup truck! That is crazy!" At that point, I am laughing so hard that my eyes were watering. It is just so cute and funny how innocent and honest kids really are. Santa saw Cade, too, and I think he felt really bad, because he pulled up next to us and said, "Hey there Cade! On Christmas Eve I am going to come to your house and bring all my reindeer." Cade just stood there wide-eyed, like he could not believe Santa was talking to him. Good Save, Santa!
The next few pictures are from the Lebanon Christmas Parade. Heath and Cade met up with the Thornes and the Naves. Emmy and I stayed in, because it was so cold. I think Cade really liked the parade for the most part, although he did not understand where the big balloons were like the ones we saw on TV. Ummm, maybe because the L-town parade is not quite as big as the one in New York City:)

Having some cotton candy with his "Aunt B"

This is how you roll to a parade Lebanon style!

Needless to say, his coat needed a wash after all the cotton candy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Heath!

Happy Birthday to the best father and husband ever! I will not tell exactly how old you are (we know you are still holding at 29;)... but I will say it involves double digits! Hope you have a great day- we love you!