Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few more party pics...

Wendy and Emmy

Birthday boy

Family pic...the best we could do!

Party setup



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cowboy Up!

On the Saturday before Cade turned three, the Thornes were nice enough to let us have Cade's cowboy birthday party out on their farm. It turned out to be a gorgeous day! Everything was perfect- we had all the food, tables and party favors set up in the barn, hay bales outside for people to sit on and Cade's favorite thing: A hayride with Pap's John Deere:)

Food table

Cade wanted sprinkled cupcakes

toppers I found on Etsy

Taking "Cousin Maddie" on a gator ride (we had these hats and bandanas for party favors)
Blew out THREE candles (sniff)

Lyla really enjoyed her cupcake!

Opening presents with Rachel and Ellen

Ellen on the tire horse swing

This next picture makes me laugh because of what is happening. Brad and "Wen Wen" gave Cade an awesome kite. Cade, of course, wanted to fly it immediately. Unfortunately, the wind had died down a little so it was hard to get up. The kids here are chasing Brad and cheering him on while he is trying to run at full speed in cowboy boots to get the kite going. Hilarious! Thanks for being such a good sport, Brad!!! And, the kite did eventually make it up for a few minutes:)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Cade!

It is hard to believe that my sweet boy is already three. For some reason, I have been a little sad...three sounds so big! Cade is our sweet, funny little guy. He says things everyday that make me laugh. He loves to sing, especially with his microphone (which has also turned into a love of American Idol). He hardly ever meets a stranger, and almost always has a smile on his face. He always tells me that he loves me and gives lots of hugs and kisses (I try to savor all of these moments, as I know one day that won't be "cool":) Cade loves to go places, especially school, church and his grandparents' houses. He loves to eat, but can be really picky. He would do almost anything for a piece of chewing gum. He is (finally) potty trained, and I swear getting bigger by the day. He is a great big brother, and makes Emmy laugh all the time. He truly is the light of our lives! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! We love you!



Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

March 22 is a somewhat significant date to me. Five years ago on March 22, 2005, Heath and I bought our first home. We were about to get married and Heath had just sold his "bachelor pad." I was living in an apartment in Nashville, but we had decided to buy this beautiful house in Lebanon. I was scared to death at the time, as this was my first "big girl" purchase (well, besides for my car). And both of our names were on the mortgage, which made our impending marriage seem so much more real. I have never signed so many papers at once in my life. I was certain that somewhere in there, I had just signed away my firstborn (luckily, we still have him:). We loved our house from the moment we moved in, but I love it even more now, as the two empty "guest rooms" now look like this:

and this:

Three years ago on March 22, 2007, I probably had the most anxious day of my life. Anxious because I was 38 weeks pregnant, and due to my high BP, my doctor had me scheduled to be induced the next day at 5 a.m. I had no idea what was going to happen (well, I knew, but I think it is hard to comprehend until you actually go through it). I just knew that we were going to leave as a couple and come home as a family of three. Here I am on 3/22/07...scared to death:

On March 22, 2008, my best friend in the entire world, Casey Mac, got married in Charleston, SC. I am so glad that I go to go be a part of her big day. It was gorgeous and so much fun! She now lives in Connecticut, but I swear we can always pick up right where we left off no matter how long it has been since we have seen each other! Happy 2nd Anniversary Casey and Jason!

This is Casey (seriously, isn't she a beautiful bride???) and her two brothers, Drew and Billy

Cade had fun at her wedding, too!

Tonight will be another March 22 milestone...Cade starts his first "big boy" swim lessons! The kind where they like for the parents to leave. Updates on that later!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Again with the tongue...

Please note Cade's boots...he got them as an early birthday present from Pap and Paji for his cowboy birthday party. He wears them everywhere. At home, church, with his pj's. You name it, he has them on. The first day he got them, he even wanted to sleep in them. The good news? He can put them on himself, which saves me one extra step:) It cracks me up how he always has them on over his pants- ha! Maybe he learned that from mommy?


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monkey's Treehouse!

Where's Waldo?

Last Wednesday, we went with a huge group of mommies and kids (seriously...12 moms and about 25+ kids- ha!) to the Monkey's Treehouse in Bellevue. If you have kids and live in the Nashville area, you must go visit! I was a little skeptical at first, since it is located all the way across town from us (and who wants to drive 2 kids 45 minutes unless it is for something really fun???) Luckily, it totally lived up to the hype. It is very clean and age appropriate for toddlers, and is divided into many different play areas. Cade especially loved the ball pit and GeoTrax train station. But his favorite by far was the actual treehouse. I bet he climbed the rope ladder and went down the slide 50 times! There was even plenty for Emmy to do too. I was especially impressed by how clean it was (yes, I am a certified germaphobe), but I credit that in part to the fact that it is owned and run by a local mom:). We finished our morning followed by lunch at the brand new McDonalds located conveniently next door...I got tickled because Cade hardly said a word during lunch- he was starving and ate all his nuggets, apples, some fries, drank a milk and then wanted an ice cream cone. I guess all that playing worked up an appetite! We had lots of fun, and I am looking forward to going back!

Swirly slide!

Steele and Cade
Cade and Ellen
GeoTrax (Emmy was trying to get in on the fun:)

Emmy and Crew in the baby section
Trying to pull up- she is all about sticking her tongue out these days

Fun times!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Emmy is 9 Months old!

Finally crawling and into everything!!!

Cade putting his cowboy hat on sister...

"What is this?"


This month has seen lots and lots of changes for Miss Emmy. She is really showing her little personality now days! Here are some recent has been a busy month!

- has decided that she does not want to eat babyfood anymore. This was crazy to me, as Cade loved it and ate it forever! She is such a good eater though. She will try anything. So I pretty much just cut/mash up whatever we are having and let her try it. She doesn't always love certain things, but she will try them.

- She is crawling (fast) and is into everything. Including Cade's toys;)

- Trying to pull up.

- She loves to put things in her mouth. Anything.

- She now says dada, mama (yesssss!), and will wave her hand and occasionally say bye bye.

- Has six, almost seven teeth (I think this is why I am not scared to let her be adventurous with food).

- Cade is still her hero, and she wants to do everything he does. If he even looks at her she starts giggling.

- Loves to be on the go!

- Has been doing really well in the church nursery (I am knocking on wood now).

- Just got registered for MDO in the fall (this hardly seems possible!)

This month has been so fun, and I am looking forward to the weather warming up so we can all spend more time outside!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy March!

Some of my favorite things about March: Official Start of Spring (and hopefully warmer weather), daylight savings time, spring break (only now it is mother's day out spring break instead of college spring break-ha!), and most importantly, this little guy's birthday. Can you guess the theme he wants;)?

***Also, we want to wish a VERY HAPPY 3rd Anniversary to Bevin and Jud!!!***