Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Great to be a Tennessee Vol!

We have already been having lots of fun at the UT games this season, even if the Vols have already lost a couple. Cade and I have gone with Heath to the UT Martin (perfect game day weather) and Florida games (hot, hot, HOT!), and we are glad we stayed home for the Oregon rain delayed game!
Cade LOVES going to the games this year. He sings Rocky Top and cheers for the team. And of course he loves the band's halftime show and all of the snacks!
I am so glad that Cade is loving the family tradition of going to the games and supporting Mommy's alma mater. Maybe one day Emmy will get to go, too:) V-O-L-S Go Vols Go!

Brother and Sister

Smokey was HOT before the Florida Game

We went to the Vol Walk, but Derek Dooley passed by me too fast!

UT Martin- Cade loved his tattoo

His buddy (and excellent summer babysitter:) Camille

Stadium renovations

Ladies man with the UT Dance Team

Post game ride to the car!

Monday, September 13, 2010

School Days!

Today was the first day of Mother's Day Out. It was a BIG day, because both Cade and Emmy got to go. I was worried that Little Miss might not be into it, but she was so excited to be a "big girl," and I think she was glad that she got to stay instead of just dropping Brother off (she barely even cried when I dropped her off). Cade was, of course, thrilled to be going back to see all of his little friends! They both got great reports and ate all of the lunches I packed for them. And the real shocker of the day: Emmy laid down on her cot and slept for well over an hour (Sweet Mrs. Anita, the school director even sent me a text to let me know the great news- ha!:) Here's hoping to a great school year!

Can you tell this guy is excited???

Cade was so cute and wanted to walk Emmy in and show her where her class is.

Greeting Mrs. Anita

All the kids wore their matching school shirts for the first day

Off they go!