Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow

This has been the snowiest winter I can remember in a long time. It hasn't necessarily been super heavy snow everytime, but it has snowed enough almost every week for the last month to at least cover the ground, which is a big deal in Middle Tennessee. The best snow came the last weekend in January. The meteorologists kept warning about the big storm about to come through, but we have learned that more times than not, it ends up being way less than predicted. Well, not this time! It started snowing Friday afternoon and kept snowing well into Saturday afternoon. And it was snow followed by an icy mix, which made for some awesome sledding! I bet we had six good inches at our house. Our driveway did not thaw until the following Tuesday. It was so fun! Cade really loved the snow (although I think he is totally over it now, since the weather keeps cancelling his preschool!:) Here are some pictures of our snowy fun:

Snow baby


Snowball fight!

Heath brought the sleds back up for us;)

Pam the Sledding Grandma!

Emmy thought it was too cold...

Ready to sled!

I am thinking he had on 3-4 layers-ha!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Faithful Blog Readers...

I promise I have not given up on my poor computer has been having some troubles lately and is going back to the shop as soon as we can get out (due to the snow/ice). I have had two viruses removed, but she is still sick. I hope she can pull out of this rut so we can avoid having to get a new computer:( I am posting this note from Heath's laptop (my computer is where all the pictures are). I will start posting again as soon as I can!