Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cade's First Haircut

We took Cade to get his first haircut this morning. I was pretty excited, as most of his friends have been getting haircuts for at least a year (I think his friend Ellen from school has been getting her bob cut trimmed since around 9 months old:). He still doesn't have a ton of hair, but what he does have was getting a little bushy (from his inherited waves).
Heath and I had been talking up the haircut for a couple of days to get him prepared. Anyone who has been around Cade knows that he loves to go and try new things, and this was no exception. I almost could not believe how still he sat while she cut his hair (since I can rarely get him to sit still at home!). She even used the clippers on him, and he did not mind one bit. Now he looks like such a big boy!

Still some bed head...

Getting the Cut:




Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Cade!!!

It is so hard to believe that two years have gone by so quickly! I feel like I just had sweet Cade, yet here we are with a funny talkative toddler, and another baby on the way!

March 23, 2007- Our new arrival!
March 23, 2008- Cade turns 1 on Easter Sunday!

This year, with mommy being 7 months pregnant, we decided to fore go the large party and just go with our family and a couple of Cade's little friends to Chuck E. Cheese (it is so hard to judge March birthdays- you almost have to plan something inside, even though it could end up being 75 degrees). If you have ever been to Chuck E. Cheese, you know it is wild, but of course Cade had a blast. He was especially excited about his "big tractor cake" made by my friend Elisabeth (so talented!). His favorite thing about Chuck E. Cheese was the Bob the Builder toddler ride. I am fairly sure that it was full of tokens by the time we left! Thanks to everyone who has sent Cade birthday wishes! He is such a sweet little guy, and continues to bless and amaze us everyday!

"Big Tractor Cake"

Bob the Builder Bulldozer

Blowing out the candle

Eating his cake with a fork this year:)

His birthday gift- a John Deere power wheels lawnmower!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

In the yard:Loading the leaves

Pushing the leaves

Dumping the leaves (Cade's favorite part!)

Daddy's helper

Heath took advantage of the nice weather yesterday afternoon by mowing the yard, planting more grass seed and cleaning up leaves. Of course a certain someone was happy to help:).

At the Dentist:

Waiting room

Laying back, watching Shrek

Checking his teeth and fluoride treatment

He did so well that he got a bag for treats!

Cade did a great job at his first dentist appointment today. I think he was in awe of the whole thing. He laid so still while she checked his teeth and gave him fluoride (or "Barney Sparkles," as she called them). And, he is over halfway done getting his two year molars! Of course, his favorite part was getting to pick prizes from the wall, including a shiny new toothbrush. We went to a great pediatric dentist in Hendersonville, Dr. Kurt Swauger. He is a friend/business associate of Heath's and is so nice! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week in Pictures:

With a 2nd birthday coming up next week (I almost can't believe it!), I thought I would post some pictures of Cade that I have taken over the past few days. It is amazing to see how quickly he is growing and changing. He is really starting to get taller and slimmer, and his hair is (finally) growing in. Speaking of Cade's hair, it really has a mind of its own, and is so funny after a bath or when he first wakes up. It is very wavy (from me), but very fine (from Heath). The real kicker: he has a double crown, which makes combing it down nearly impossible sometimes.
As for his talking, well, he does a lot of it. I am thankful with baby #2 on the way that he is able to tell me what he needs. Heath and I laugh at him everyday, as he is quite the little storyteller and loves to tell you all about his day (you just never know what is going to come out of his mouth). He is also still a little mockingbird, and will randomly repeat things he hears, which can be hilarious. He is getting so big! I think he is going to be a great big brother!

Heath has been working on some projects in the garage (Cade always wants to be out there helping his Daddy), and has found that this is the easiest way to keep him entertained- "driving" Daddy's car. Scary to think that one day he really will be driving!
Lunch box packed...

...ready for school!

Mandatory bathtub shot:) Look at that sweet face!


Monday, March 9, 2009


Cade has a new treat he loves (they are Daddy's favorite, too!). Any guesses as to what it is:)?

Yes, that is what happens after a delicious Oreo!


Trip to Atlanta!

Sorry to be behind on my blogging! Last week was super busy, and we have been enjoying all the warm weather that showed up for the weekend!
A couple of weeks ago, the three of us headed to Atlanta for our annual family get together with Mom's side of the family. We had not seen them since Wendy's wedding back in July, and needless to say, Cade was happy to put on a show for everyone (I am not sure how he got to be so outgoing;). We were especially excited to see my first cousin, Tommy, who has been in Iraq since October serving our country as a firefighter. He is already back at his base, and will get one more break before his year is up. Tommy, we miss you but are so proud of you!!!
One weird thing: we had to hurry and leave Sunday to get through the March 1 snowstorm that hit the Birmingham/Atlanta areas. Yes, we had to drive North to get in better, warmer weather. Even more strange was the fact that there was no snow from North Georgia to Monteagle Mountain, then there were at least 4 inches around the Murfreesboro area. Then nothing again in Lebanon...weird weather! It is looking like spring is starting around here now though...we are so glad and have already been to the park several times.
I hope there is not as long of a time before we see everyone again, as Cade was so glad to see all of his 'big' cousins (especially Micah and Lucas who provided hours of fun:)!

G-Jo got Cade a balloon and lots of early Easter treats!
All the cousins with Grandma Jo

Cade giving Micah a body slam:)

Diana, Nana, Cade, Tiff, Tommy and Micah (who is only in 8th grade!)