Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt B!

Happy Birthday Bevin! We hope you have a great day...Heath is upset that his baby sister is 29 today. He said now people may catch on to the fact that he is, in fact, NOT 29:) We love you!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

That's what Baby Thorne is made of! Yes, it's a GIRL! We had our 20 week ultrasound today. I think that Heath and I were both shocked, as I was really feeling the boy vibes this week. But when the ultrasound tech got in the "region," it was pretty obvious that it was a sweet little girl. We are, of course thrilled, and especially glad that everything seemed to measure on time and healthy. Oh, how blessed we are! And at least now I won't be out numbered...Here are a few comments made by my loving husband after we found out it was a girl:
1. "I guess I will need a second job to pay for all the new clothes:)"
2. "I might as well stop and buy a can of pink paint on the way home."
3. My personal fave- "This means that you will probably not be the princess anymore."- ha!
So we are halfway there and super excited. Thanks to everyone for all the love, support and prayers!

3D View

I can't help but get visions of our future mother daughter outfits (kidding...I think:)

And of course she will need one of these (it is hard to read, but it says "Phi Mu Wannabe";):


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Summer's Baby shower!

For the holiday weekend, Cade and I went to Kingston so we could go to Summer's shower for her sweet baby, Josie, who will be making her grand appearance this March. It was so fun to see some of my favorite girls from high school (actually, this group goes all the way back to early elementary days), and catch up! While we were in town, there was also a pretty decent amount of snow, which was fun to see, even if it was freezing! Here are some pictures from the shower:

The three pregnant girls (due March, May and June). At least we will have some extra incentive to work out this summer for our 10-year class reunion in August!
Trying to rub the pregnant vibes on Kaybe, even though I am not sure if she wants them yet;)

Letters for sweet Josie's room

Kaybe and I

Cade and Little Miss Eva (Amy's little girl, who has a brother on the way!)


Love that sweet face...

Eli wanted a cracker!

Baby Eli


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sick Days...

The last week has been a hard one. Last Tuesday, Cade woke up running a fever of 102. I took him to the doctor (mine was on vacation so we had to see someone else). Basically we were told that it was just a viral infection, to rotate Tylenol and Motrin every 3-4 hours and it would be gone within a couple of days. His fever went up and down all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (sometimes getting over 103). By Friday, he seemed better, but Friday night the fever went back up. I knew something was not right, so I called the after hours line. Luckily, our pediatrician was on call, and told us that she wanted to see him first thing Saturday morning for a flu test (he's had the shot) and to run some blood work. So at 8:30 on Saturday, we were at her office. The flu test came back negative, and before she could even get to the blood work, she looked and saw a nasty infected ear (I am sure any mom can relate), which we knew was causing the fevers. So one antibiotic and decongestant later, we are feeling much better!!! I took this picture on Sunday morning after the first good night of sleep Cade had gotten all week. As you can tell, he slept really hard on that hair. He may not have a ton of hair, but what he has is fine and wavy, which can make for super fuzzy bedhead:

Side view

Seriously, this hair is crazy!

Just waking up- "No more pictures, Mommy!"