Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fair!

We love the Wilson County Fair! It is definitely one of the most fun things about Lebanon (and apparently others agree- over 500,000 attended over the 9 day run). If you live in the Nashville area and have never been, I highly recommend it. The fair is usually held the third week in August and there is so much to see and do there. Of course the kids loved the rides, but they also enjoyed seeing all the animals, watching the tractors, the fireworks, etc. And of course, plenty of fair food was enjoyed by all:) It is always such a good time. We went several nights this year, and are looking forward to the fair's return next summer!

Emmy loved petting the pigs


Kiddie tractor pull. So serious!

Cute guy on the right!

Driving sister in the boat

Pirates! Arrggghh!

Fun times!

Riding with Paji

Daddy said this ride was too long! Ha!

Time to go home!