Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

Our dear friends, the Crocketts (Ian and Heath have seriously been best friends since junior high), moved to Birmingham a back in February. Even though it was a great opportunity for them, we have missed having them here! We had stopped by to see their new place on our way to the beach back in May, but decided that we had to come back for a whole weekend, which is exactly what we did. It was so good to spend time with them. Heath and Ian even worked in some early morning golf, then later Banica and I went for some pedicures and shopping:) And if this picture is any indicator, the kids had a great time:

Cade and the triplets: Campbell, Elea Rhea and Ian Thomas

the big girls

Redneck water park. The yellow bucket was the diving board:)

I am sure that the new neighbors loved all of the laughing/screaming they were doing.

Emmy entertained the newest member of the Crockett family, baby Eli. Seriously one of the best babies ever!


Silly faces!

E is over it! She literally slept nearly all the way home- too much fun!