Friday, May 4, 2012

I Heart NY (and Connecticut!)

At the beginning of February, Cade and I decided to go visit by lifelong best friend, Casey. She moved to Connecticut before Cade was born, and got married a day before Cade's first birthday. She and I went to elementary school, junior high, high school and college together. We have so many stories between us. She was (and still is when we are together) my partner in crime. I am pretty sure that I laughed more that weekend than I have in a while. Oh, and Casey and Cade are now BFFs too (he cried when our plane took off heading back home because he said he was going to miss her so much). We had the best trip! Cade had not been on a plane since he was too little to remember, so this was a huge adventure for him. Connecticut is such a gorgeous place to live, and I hope that we get to go back soon. The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there. We barely had to get our winter coats out. On Saturday, Casey took us on the train (about 45 minutes) into the heart of NYC. It was awesome. Cade said it was just like on the Smurfs' movie. Ha!

 on our way!
 Cade taught Case how to play Angry Birds on her iPhone. It may be her new addiction;)
 Grand Central Station
 Tines Square
 At the Toys R Us in Times Square. It is enormous. Definitely the highlight for Cade. He got a new Transformer for himself, and picked Emmy out a Barbie doll that looked like a total pole dancer. Casey and I laughed about that all day! And of course, Emmy loved it:)

 This guy got to help make Hershey kisses
 Casey's beautiful barn!
 A huge bonus to the trip was finally getting to spend quality time with this little guy, Graham. This was about a month before his first birthday. Unfortunately, he had a little stomach bug before we got was an unwelcome souvenir that we both took home:( But he was SO happy the whole time we were there. He is such a funny baby and so full of personality!
 I just love this boy! He wanted me to hold him all the time, and I was happy to oblige!
On the way home, the pilot let Cade come into the cockpit and flip some switches. He, of course, loved it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christmas...three months late!

My apologies to my faithful blog readers...if you are even still out there! I feel like Halloween ran straight into Christmas, and now Christmas has run straight into MARCH! It is crazy to me how quickly time has flown by. In just two weeks, I will have a five year old (sniff), and in a couple of months, he will be officially finished with preschool! We have been busy, sick, etc. but have really enjoyed the mild winter this year:)

This past Christmas was the most fun one yet. Both kids were really into all of the events and festivities. And of course they both loved presents. Since I know most of you love seeing pictures, here are some of my favorites from the holiday season:

Cade and his Paji waiting to see Santa

Daddy's girl

I made these for Christmas Eve. They were delicious! Thanks, Pioneer Woman!

Playing with our Baby Brantley

Cade got a present just for me;) a pan that makes homemade doughnuts!

Emmy loved her boots from Brad, Wendy and Brantley. She actually wore them to school today!

The furbaby, Tucker

Sprinkling our food for the reindeer

Time for a performance...

...then onto the piano concert

Heath built the kids the neatest armoire for their dress up clothes. They both still love to dress up and got a few new costumes:

Captain America

Dr. Thorne

Fairy princess

This was one of my favorite gifts...even if it wasn't for me:)

I hope that else enjoyed their holidays!