Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christmas...three months late!

My apologies to my faithful blog readers...if you are even still out there! I feel like Halloween ran straight into Christmas, and now Christmas has run straight into MARCH! It is crazy to me how quickly time has flown by. In just two weeks, I will have a five year old (sniff), and in a couple of months, he will be officially finished with preschool! We have been busy, sick, etc. but have really enjoyed the mild winter this year:)

This past Christmas was the most fun one yet. Both kids were really into all of the events and festivities. And of course they both loved presents. Since I know most of you love seeing pictures, here are some of my favorites from the holiday season:

Cade and his Paji waiting to see Santa

Daddy's girl

I made these for Christmas Eve. They were delicious! Thanks, Pioneer Woman!

Playing with our Baby Brantley

Cade got a present just for me;) a pan that makes homemade doughnuts!

Emmy loved her boots from Brad, Wendy and Brantley. She actually wore them to school today!

The furbaby, Tucker

Sprinkling our food for the reindeer

Time for a performance...

...then onto the piano concert

Heath built the kids the neatest armoire for their dress up clothes. They both still love to dress up and got a few new costumes:

Captain America

Dr. Thorne

Fairy princess

This was one of my favorite gifts...even if it wasn't for me:)

I hope that else enjoyed their holidays!


Kelli Kegley said...

As soon as the pictures loaded, Connor said "Cade! Emmy!" :)

I love pw cinnamon rolls. Soooo good. I also tend to love things for Connor more than I do my own things! I don't know what I'll do when I cant dress him the way I want to! haha

GinWin said...

Kelly, FINALLY!! I had all but given up hope that you would post more pics. I was going to email you and ask for a personal viewing sent to my email acct. I can't believe our boy is going to be 5! I thought about him earlier this week. Thanks for catching us in cyberspace up on your precious kiddies. Love to all! Aunt GinGin