Monday, June 27, 2011

Emmy is 2!

I cannot believe that this baby girl is two! We celebrated her birthday on June 5 (Aunt Wendy's birthday, too!!!). We had planned on having a pool party at the farm. About an hour before the party, the bottom dropped out (hail, thunder lightning). We had to temporarily move part of the party inside, but then it cleared up (and thankfully cooled off a little) so the kids could play in the water.

Happy Birthday, Emmy! While I cannot believe it has already been two whole years, you get more fun and sweet every day!!!

New Dora trike from Pap and Paji

Cade had to try it out, too:)

Sam and Luke

TWO candles!

Emmy was so excited that her baby Brantley came. As soon as she saw him, she said "I hold him!"

Made by my talented mother in law

Cookies from my friend Neelley

My Martha Stweart buttermilk cupcake recipe was a hit:)

Ready to play in the water!

All the babies love "Aunt B"

Brad spent a good hour filling up water balloons. All the boys were intrigued. Coolest uncle ever!;)

Cade and Escher

Layla and Tarpley had a good time...

Opening presents. She got lots of girly gifts this year, which she was ao excited about. We have been ironing, bathing babies, dressing up, fixing hair, etc. all month!

"I be two!" That is what she says now when you ask how old she is.

Sweet Sam

One of her most favorite gifts: her own purple soccer ball from the Barretts. I guess all those hours at Cade's soccer practices and games paid off!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Phoenix Ball, June 2011

What a fun and fabulous six years it has been! I am looking forward to many, many more:)

"...a man leaves his father and mother and unites to his wife. And they become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Beach 2011

Right after the kids wrapped up their MDO program in mid-May, we packed up and headed out for a vacation in the Florida Panhandle. We had the absolute BEST time! The weather was perfect (about 80 degrees everyday), no one got sick (a first for us on vacation), the kids were good (almost too good!) and best of all, Heath's mom and dad got to come:) We were beach bums, played golf (Heath, Rick and Cade), rode bikes, ate out at most of our favorite places and just enjoyed getting away. We were glad to be home after a week, but Cade is already asking when we get to go back- ha!

Digging the sand and getting ready to build a castle

Pap, Paji and the kids (and Cade with another face of course!)

The bay by Harry T's

Cade got his first face painting- he obviously wanted to go all out! It was not fun to take off, and he looked like he was wearing eyeliner the next day;)

in the hole Pap dug

mmmm...Dora shaped popsicle

Cade loved climbing this little tree by the golf course

the best we could do with all four of us

in Seaside with Paji- Pap had to go back home for work:(


Beach Baby

typical Cade

She always wants to mimick everything her brother does

Sweet ending to a sweet trip!