Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cade's First Christmas!

As you can imagine, Christmas this year was quite exciting and busy at the Thorne household! Not only did we get to spend lots of time with both of our families, but Cade also decided to start crawling...and has not stopped since! Even though he did not totally understand what was going on, he definitely had a great time. We spent Christmas Eve morning with the Linvilles and Brad, then had dinner that night at the Thorne farm. On Christmas Day, we spent time with our extended family, and Cade had an especially good time trying to keep up with his cousin Maddie. He got so many neat gifts, but like most babies do, enjoyed the boxes and tissue paper as much as anything. Here are some pics from our first Christmas as a family:

First thing Christmas morning

Mama's favorite present:)

"Mama- hurry and open up this Elmo!!!"

Opening gifts...

New Leap Frog learning table

Lounging in my new chair with Mickey and Pluto

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Santa Claus brought Cade his first car- a Push and Go Buggy. He absolutely loooooves this thing! Heath and I have actually had to hide it, because he screams when he sees it- he wants to ride in it so bad. We laugh because I swear that you could push him around all day long. I am sure that we are going to have a path worn down around our house! The funniest thing is that sweet little Tucker just follows along beside Cade everytime.

"Look what I got!"

Professional Race Car Driver

"Go, go!!!"
I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Congratulations to Aunt Wendy!!!

On Friday, December 21, Wendy and Brad Davis got engaged. Little did Wendy know, our whole family was in on the plan, and we had driven to Brad's mom's house near Spring Hill to suprise her. After Brad proposed, he convinced Wendy to stop by his mom's so she could take a picture of them. We all knew when they were en route, because poor Wendy kept trying to call ALL of our phones to tell us the news (of course none of us answered:). She was so suprised and excited to see us there. We had a delicious meal cooked by Ms. Robin and had a great time celebrating with the happy couple. Cade was especially glad that Jay (Brad's brother) and Angela (Jay's wife, one of my dearest college friends) were able to come, so he could play with his friend, Tucker!:)

Celebrating with my Aunt Wendy!

The Happy Couple- Aunt Wendy and soon to be Uncle Brad

Cade and his Pa laughing (I think Pa is smiling because he hasn't remembered yet that
little girls' weddings=Daddy's checkbook:)

Angela checking out the bling

Wendy with Cade and Tucker

The family: Robin, Jay, Tucker, Angela, Cade, Heath, Billy & Kelly

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Catching up...

Between the holidays, Cade's first stomach virus (yuck!), a Gatlinburg trip and two birthdays (Heath's 12/3 and mine 12/5), I have not blogged quite as much lately. So sorry! I added two new ones today with several recent pictures. Enjoy!

The Happy Hiker!

The first weekend in December, we made our annual trip to Gatlinburg with the Thornes. As tradition has it, we also went on the mandatory hike (Rick's favorite:) Obviously, we had to figure out how to get Cade up the mountain to Grotto Falls. Luckily, Pam found a baby hiking backpack that turned out to be a huge hit! Cade absolutely loves being outside, and had the best time...

Trying out the backpack

Halfway up...

Cade and Daddy at the top

Mama and Cade at Grotto Falls

Too much fun can be exhausting! This is at the end of the hike:)

First Visit with Santa...

Well, Cade had his first visit with Santa on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Heath and I cracked up because while Cade sat in his lap, he just kept studying him the whole time with a look on his face that said "something is not right with this guy." In fact, we could barely get him to look at the camera because he was so intrigued with Santa. Not scared, just curious:)

Ready to go meet Santa

Not sure about this guy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Thorne Family Elves!

Please check out this website...too funny!!! Enjoy!:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Adventures in Grocery Shopping...

I took Cade to Publix yesterday afternoon. As you know, Cade is a BIG baby, and is in fact too big to fit in one of the buggies that has the baby seat on it, but he doesn't really like to sit in a regular cart either. So I decided to go out on a limb and try to strap him into one of those big carts that looks like a race car. He immediately loved it, but I had no idea what a pain that thing would be! First of all, it is the size of a small semi truck and weighs about as much. Second, I don't know if ours was faulty or what, but the front wheels barely touched the groud, making it nearly impossible to steer. I am sure we were a sight to see. I almost knocked over two Thanksgiving displays, and would have to get a running start in order to turn the corner at the end of an aisle. I am suprised that poor Cade was not motion sick by the end. He just grinned and laughed the whole way (while "steering" us around with the steering wheel). People were even stopping us to comment on what a great time he was having. Meanwhile, my back felt like it was broken from the weight of the monster cart. But Cade did not cry the whole trip, and I was able to get all the groceries I needed. Worth it? I think so!

Another busy weekend!

One day our lives might slow down a little, but not anytime soon! We spent the weekend in Kingston with Mom and Dad. On Saturday, Heath and I went to the UT/Vandy game (Go Vols!), and Cade stayed with his Nana. She said they had a great time laughing, talking, singing and playing. Nana requested that I post this picture of his new TV watching mode. Note how his little legs are crossed...

After we got home on Sunday, we decided to do a little Christmas shopping for Cade. Since is isn't big enough to know the difference, we took him with us to Babies R Us. That is where the fun began. Heath strolled Cade around the toy aisles, showing him all the cool light up/music playing baby toys, which he loved. He was especially taken with the TMX Elmo. Elmo would sing, giggle and flip around, and Cade would just laugh like crazy. When we strolled away, he even cried. So I guess that is one more thing to add to the list. Funny how at even just 8 months old, I already want to buy him whatever he wants:). Just one of the joys of being a parent, I guess!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"The Stars at Night are Big and Bright....

Deep in the Heart of Texas!" What a busy weekend we had! Heath, Cade and I traveled to Austin, Texas (Cade's first plane flight) last Thursday to Scott and Kristy's wedding. Cade did really great on the plane. After arriving, we had plenty of help with Cade from the sweet Higginbotham family (especially Ms. Connie!). I am still not sure if he was ever put down:). We stayed at an awesome resort called Horseshoe Bay on Lake LBJ outside of Austin. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the wedding was beautiful. I have attached some pictures from our fun family trip. Thanks again to the Higginbotham family for all of their hospitality and generosity, and Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

Our Texas Cowboy

Family Photo Op

Mama and Cade

At the Rehearsal

Cade decided to play peekaboo at the Rehearsal dinner. Where is he?

There he is!!!

View of Lake LBJ from our room

Coolest Putt Putt course ever!

Daddy and Cade walking the course

Cade hanging out

Scott's gettin' hitched "Texas style!"

Scott and Kristy getting married by his Dad ("Joe Pa")

Good looking best man:)

Scott's niece and the flower girl, Reagan (who Cade loved!), and the ring bearer, Ace

Cade meeting his Texas friend, Chase (love the baby mohawk!)

Finally headed home!

Please Vote for Our Tailgate!

Hey Friends! As many of you know, Mom and Dad have some friends that put on quite a tailgate (that I know several of you have been to:). Please go to and vote for us for Tailgater of the Year! Vote for South Knoxville- Big Orange Tailgating. (It's from the South Carolina game.) Voting ends tomorrow, so don't miss out! Thanks, and GO VOLS!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Cade's first Halloween was a huge success and so much fun! We sat outside handing out candy with Rick and Pam (by the way- thanks Pam for bringing over all the yummy food!). Aunt Bevin and Uncle Jud also came by for a little while. Cade loved seeing all of the trick or treaters- and we had a TON in our neighborhood. We got to make a quick stroll over to the Crocketts house. Hopefully next year we can go out trick or treating with the triplets (four toddlers- doesn't that sound like fun?:)

Cade's own jack-o-lantern, made by the Pumpkin Carver Extraordinaire, Heath

Mama and Cade before trick or treating

Cade and his first (and favorite) trick or treater, Alice in Wonderland (Talor)

"I'm not sure about this!"

Mama and the elephant (minus a shoe!)

Our crew (including Aunt Bevin)

Tucker had to get in on the fun, too...
I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Recap...

What a busy weekend! We had a great time this weekend, which started Thursday night when Heath's best college friend, Scott, and his precious finace, Kristy, flew in from Houston. It was their first time to meet Cade, and he loved them! The four of us went to the UT/South Carolina game (Go Vols!), and we left Cade in Kingston to spend the night with his Nana Diana. This was only the second time ever that Cade stayed away from Mama and Daddy, but he got a good report card (although Nana said if he had cried all night, she would never tell:). We enjoyed taking Scott and Kristy on their first trip to Neyland stadium, and even got to see Phil Fulmer at the tailgate...

Tailgaters of the week!

Phil having a drink:)

On Sunday, Cade and I went to a wedding shower for one of my nearest, dearest friends, Casey McMillin (who we miss very much!) and her fiance, Jason. We had a great time seeing everyone, and are looking forward to their big day in Charleston on March 22, 2008! Here are a few pictures from the shower:

Cade hangin' out

Cade and his Nana

The beautiful Bride to be, Cade and Mama