Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Days!

Boy have we had ALOT of them! It has snowed five pretty significant times since the beginning of December. Nothing like the feet of snow that two of my favorites, Stephanie and Casey, are experiencing in Boston and Connecticut, but definitely more than usual for Middle Tennessee! It has been very beautiful (although a bit inconvenient:) Both of my kids have been LOVING the snow this year. Here are a few pictures from a snow day on the farm:

Snow bunny
Cade sledding
Emmy and Daddy

Hazard of too many layers: you fall down and may not be able to stand back up! Sorry, sister!

Cade was insistent that he wear Heath's ski goggles;)

Daddy and his princess: Matching blue eyes

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vols and a New Year!

We did not have any big plans between Christmas a New Years' but to rest and play, play, play with our new stuff:) Then, at the last minute, Heath scored some great tickets to the Music City Bowl and went with his grandfather (who truly is the biggest Vols fan I know. Over 80 years old and still goes to almost every home game. Makes me proud:)

The kids and I decided that since the Vols were playing in Music City, we needed to rock out our orange and white one more time until next football season. Then I decided to try to have a little photo shoot...results below:

Emmy seemed up for it at first

Let's try holding hands...
This is pretty typical of Cade anytime I try to get his picture these days:)

Ok, just hug your sister. Maybe that will be better. Or maybe not...

Sitting on the floor together...even worse!

Mommy gives up:)

On New Years Day, we were taking our tree down. Everything had been put in the attic when Heath went to come back out. Then I heard a crash. He had stepped down between one of the beams. Right over my stove where my lucky black eyed peas had been simmering all morning. There was Insulation "fuzz" everywhere in my kitchen- boo! But thankfully, the lid was on tight, so we ate our peas quickly in hopes that our 2011 would get better:)
Cade keeps asking Daddy why he "broke the house."

Anybody spy someone above? Ha! I only wish that I could have gotten a picture of his leg hanging out Clark Griswald style!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Fun!

WARNING: Picture overload!

We had a great Christmas this year. Cade totally understood everything and had been literally counting down the days until Christmas! And Emmy, well, she is just excited if Cade is excited:)
We spread our Christmas celebrations out over the course of about four days between Heath's family and mine. Needless to say, by the end we were WORN OUT! Poor Cade was so fired up that he barely ate or slept for about three of those four days- all he wanted to do was play! We are so blessed and I really tried to soak in every memory this year, as I know that these precious years fly by way to fast!

Our Tree

"Henry" our Elf cam back!

Wen Wen and Brad brought Candyland- I love it as much as Cade:)

I was proud that my gifts matched this year. It is always my goal, but never happens!

Christmas Eve:

We started off the day at our house. I cooked breakfast and Wendy, Brad and my dad were there with us!

At the Thornes on Christmas Eve. We had a delicious dinner there and opened gifts with Heath's family. Cade and Emmy must have been extra good this year, because they really racked up:)
Of course Pam let Cade use her nice goblet- ha! That is the kind of thing Grandmas let you get away with...

Emmy like Cade's new camping binoculars

Heath LOVES Candy Cigarettes...random I know! They are really hard to find (I wonder why...maybe because they are CANDY that look like CIGARETTES!) His mom always fills his stocking with them:)

Guess who loved them as much as her Daddy? Do they make a patch for candy cig addicts?

Cade can't wait to go camping with his new sleeping bag!

Christmas Day:
E loves her new stroller. It is bigger than she is...Santa did not realize this as it was in a box until assembled:)

This is Cade's favorite new toy: the Batcave. He saw a commercial for it back in October, and was just sure that this was one of the main things he wanted from Santa. He plays with it everyday.

Sweet baby bed

maybe just a sip...why isn't anything coming out???

These were in her stocking
"Your turn, Daddy!"

Christmas at Grandma Thorne's- she always cooks a delicious brunch!

Day after Christmas:

My mom and Grandma came over (and I forgot to get a pic, but I know my mom has one!). We were SO glad to see G-Jo, as she lives in Atlanta so we don't get to see her near enough!

My mom got the kids this 50's diner. It is so cute. We have been grilling lots of burgers and hotdogs:)

We went back to the Thornes that night to celebrate the engagement of Heath's sweet cousin Lacy and her new fiance Ray! Congrats!

We had a couple more stops in between that I forgot to take pictures of. Now you know why we were tired- ha!

Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for blessing us with wonderful family to spend the holidays with!