Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What have we been up to?

It has been forever since I posted, and I apologize, but the summer has flown by! When Cade got done with Mother's Day Out, I was worried that we would be bored, but that is not the case. We have been having so much fun! Last summer, we couldn't do a lot since I had just had Emmy. So we are making up for it now. We have spent tons of time at the pool, and have found a couple of fun places to go on those really hot days. The summer will be over before we know it, then both Cade and Emmy will be in MDO. Hard to believe! I have posted some pictures below of the babies:

Cade is so into golfing these days. His beloved Pap got him these "real metal golf clubs", as he calls them. Note the cute little mini glove, too. He actually has a pretty darn good swing, and already can hit farther than me- ha! Heath has even taken him to the country club to play a few times, which he loves! Anything to be like his Daddy!
back swing...
Good shot!

This is his other favorite activity this summer...playing baseball. he would let you pitch it to him1,842 times if you could! Like the golf, he is a pretty accurate hitter;)
Probably the highlight of Cade's summer (to me) is his swimming. After the first round of group lessons, I signed him up for a private lesson and oh my! Money well spent! The first lesson, he did not want to leave the steps, and by the last lesson, he was going off the board and swimming under water. He still needs plenty of help in the water and likes to wear his floaties some, but he has done such a great job learning. Pictures to come...
These two have been really playing together well this summer. This was an after church tea party- ha (future blackmail?)! As sweet as it is when they play nice, they definitely have their fighting moments, too. Emmy can definitely hold her own, though! She's gonna be a scrapper:)

And what about the princess? Well, we have finally cut our fourth molar. It has been a l-o-n-g month of teething, but we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel! She now has 12 teeth. At her one year appointment, she was only 35% for height and weight. She is a little peanut, which is funny because she is the best eater! The girl will eat (or at least try) almost anything. She is finally fully weaned ( I thought I would be sadder about this, but I was ready!), and loves to drink milk.
She is not walking yet, but can stand on her own and cruises around everything. I think she could walk if she really tried, but she shows no interest. Why walk when you can be carried? Back to the reason that she is the princess of the house...;)

As you can imagine, she has been began talking up a storm since her birthday. She says lots of words including mama, dada, up, down, bro bro (brother), Tucker (our dog), duck, cracker, drink, baby etc. Of course they don't all sound exactly like they are supposed to, but we know what she means;)

I worried about her being a tomboy because she has an older brother, but she is definitely more into her baby dolls and stuffed animals than Cade's trucks and tractors. She wants to hug, kiss and love on them at all times. Sometimes, she wants to hold 3-4 at once. She has also started blowing kisses (so sweet) and loves to give hugs!

So that is the latest with us! Until next time...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Another Day at the Beach!

Well, we survived our first big family vacation with all four of us! Mom and Dad were so sweet to take the whole family to Seagrove Beach last week. I was a bit worried with all of the oil spill mess, but it was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was great (and hot!)
The trip started out a bit more eventful than I would have hoped. We had not quite gotten to Birmingham when poor Cade started having some tummy issues. Three year old + 8 hour car trip + stomach problems = NOT FUN (especially when you are also trying to entertain a one year old)! I will spare the details, but let's just say that at one exit we had to stop three times...luckily, he slept the last leg of the trip. He started running fever that night, but was feeling much better by the next day- thank goodness. I think he just had a little virus.
We were total beach bums! Both of the kids loved the beach- especially Cade. The first day we went out, he kept talking about wanting to "surf," so we got a boogie board and he loved it! He also loved building sand castles with his Daddy, Pa and Uncle Brad:) Even Emmy was a trooper. She liked the sand and sound of the water. Wendy and I would laugh because she would eat snacks almost the whole time we were at the beach, then pass out for a nap (rough life- ha!). While we were there, she cut two molars. I felt bad for her, as she definitely was in pain (especially at night, poor baby). But it was nothing some Motrin couldn't take care of.
One of the highlights of our trip was that Heath and I celebrated FIVE years of marriage! It was so awesome to be in Seaside where we got married. It is so hard to believe that five years have already passed (and two babies and two brother in laws have been added!) To celebrate, we got to go out for a nice, romantic dinner (a rarity) while Nana and Pa kept Cade and Emmy. We went to a place in Santa Rosa Beach called Basmati's, which I highly recommend if you are in the area. We ordered lots of sushi, and it was delicious!
One other thing I would recommend if you are in the area and have your kids with you: Harry T's. This was always a family favorite when we went to Destin growing up. I have so many memories of eating there with the McMillin clan. The old Harry T's is gone, but they have put the new one in a place called Harbor Walk. It is awesome! It is open air, and you can watch the boats come in (good entertainment while waiting on your food). We have been there twice (we went last year with Cade). Both times, the service and food were excellent, and kids' meals are served in a frisbee. So fun!
Thanks Nana and Pa for a great trip! Here are some of my favorite pictures (they are in no kind of order!)

Cade at Harry T's watching the boats
"Sand Angel"
Family photo
Little beach bum!

Princess E and Nana at Harry T's

"Maybe just a little taste of sand..."

Blue eyes like my Daddy!

Birthday twins- Emmy and Wendy

We match!

Baby girl

Boogie boarding

the girls

Cade on the alligator Daddy and Brad built